The Laying on of Hands
Ren Morrison + Justin Aerni Collaboration

23.5" x 35.75" inches
Media: Acrylics on paper

It was the summer of 2014, I had got to know a bit of visiting Oregon artist, Justin Aerni. He was exhibiting his “Outsider Art” in Detroit at the time.

Justin this box of used acrylics, some beat up brushes, and cheap poster paper. I brought a Skinny Puppy playlist. Together, we created The Laying on of Hands in the apartment of art curator/photographer Diane Irby in Wyandotte, Michigan US.

Justin Aerni Art Gallery

Ren Morrison + Eric Demeter Collaboration

Media: Mixed media on cold press paper

In 2015, Eric Demeter was interested in doing a collaboration about hands.

Corey Chappell AKA chiptune artist SNESEI modeled his hands for me in exchange for an original painting (of his hand).

Eric created a splash of color on the paper with acrylics and then handed it over to me to add hands. I used white paint, black paint, paint marker, and white gel pen.

Eric Demeter (Eric Llama) Art Gallery

SNESEI music